Scarborough News App

Family Store Leads The Way

Leading family store chain Proudfoot has given the thumbs up to the amazing news iPad for Scarborough news, sport and information.

You can now enjoy the complete range of Scarborough’s best news and sport round-up at the flick of a screen.

It provides the complete Scarborough News newspaper on a crystal-clear screen. The all-new digital edition includes breaking stories in a clearer format than the website.

The simple, colourful format also features and an archive of past months’ newspapers at great speed and clarity.

There are several channels – news, entertainment, comment and opinion, business, exclusive section and national news.

It’s also a great platform to check daily for sport stories.

And there is extra information, with sections on jobs, deals, classifieds, family announcements and the local property market.

The iPad app is sponsored by Proudfoot stores.

Ian Proudfoot, of the Eastfield-based Proudfoot Group Of Companies, said: “The Scarborough News Ipad App is fantastic.

“It allows us to promote our supermarkets on a whole new level, by approaching our customers on a different media, than we usually would, which will hopefully encourage more people to visit our new website at

Business Project Manager Marcus Proudfoot added: “The success of the Scarborough News App speaks for itself.

“We jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the project, as it allowed us to reach our customers on a modern and different media.”

You can try our new iPad app with a free 30-day trial and subscribe for just £3.99 a month.

It’s available as a download from the App Store, which is easy to access.

It’s the best of Scarborough at the touch of a screen.

If you are into gadgets and the digital age, it’s a must for news on the move.

Ed Asquith, editor, said: “We are leading the way for news and information in both traditional and digital formats.

“We have always embraced change and while many readers still prefer our new, dynamic big-value print package, we are very much part of tomorrow’s world too.

“In both printing and photographic technology, this newspaper has been at the forefront of many innovations over the decades.

“Our founders were pioneers of print; our current team is a pioneer of new formats, in mobile, website and apps, but with the same aim of bringing you an unrivalled and influential selection of news, sport and advertising.”