Manham Hill Store Manager: Neil Brearley

neil manham hill manager

Quotation From Neil

In May 2016 we opened our newest store at Manham Hill, Eastfield. The new supermarket has a Bakery, Delicatessen, Fresh Fruit and Veg Counter, Fresh Meat, Hot Food Counter and Sandwiches & Salad Bowls prepared fresh daily. We look forward to welcoming you in store!

Newby Store Manager: Sharon McBean

Newby Store Manager

  • Started: 30th June 1983

Quotation From Sharon

At Proudfoots, we value our customers and strive to provide them with a friendly, helpful service. Our customers appreciate the quick, reliable and courteous reception they receive from our staff. We believe it’s the extra effort we put into looking after the customers that makes the difference, such as the bag packing and carry out services we offer.

As one of the few remaining independent retailers in Scarborough, we feel that our store is integral to the community, because of its position, situated well away from the busy town centre. We are in an affluent residential area and have a wide varied range of customers from young families to elderly and retired people.

Eastfield Store Manager: Chris Rhodes

Eastfield Store Manager

  • Started: 19th September 1998

Quotation From Chris

The Proudfoots Eastfield store can be found in the centre of a busy local community on the outskirts of Scarborough. Customer satisfaction is our key priority, and we strive to make sure every customers visit is as easy and stress free as possible. All our staff are courteous and polite and will assist you with any queries and request you may have.

Our store is heavily involved with supporting the local community and takes part in charity events based within the area. Charity groups and demonstrations also take place within the store to help promote their causes to the local residents.

JDS Store Manager: Luke Proudfoot

luke jds manager

Quotation From Luke

JDS (Junior Department Store) is Proudfoots non-food department, located on the top floor of the Newby store. We sell a wide variety of products for the home & garden and our happy, friendly and approachable staff team are always on hand to help.

We have recently had a large extension built on the Newby store which has more than doubled the shop floor space for JDS. This has allowed us to increase our product lines to suit the requirements of our beloved customers. The shops layout is very wide and open making it easy for customers to find items they require and navigate themselves throughout the shop.