JDS Newby

JDS Newby

Located on the top floor of Newby store lays JDS (Junior Department Store, An Americanism from the 1950s), the Non Food Department.

JDS offers a large range of Home ware, Garden supplies, Cards, Gifts and Stationary. The department store was massively extended in the Newby renovations of 2010, giving shoppers much more choice and a larger scope of products. The store itself was opened when the first large renovation of the store was completed in 1974.

Opening Times

Non-Food Department
Monday - Saturday 08:00 - 20:00
Sunday 10:00 - 16:00


401 Scalby Road, Newby, Scarborough,
North Yorkshire YO12 6TQ
01723 372213
01723 362077

Priority Shopping Hours

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Between 10am - 11am 

We will be prioritising the elderly, vulnerable and their carers.

Updated November 5th November 2020, effective until further notice. 

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

Due to the nature of shift patterns we'll also prioritise NHS workers throughout the day - everyday.

JDS Store Manager: Luke Proudfoot

luke jds manager

Quotation From Luke

JDS (Junior Department Store) is Proudfoots non-food department, located on the top floor of the Newby store. We sell a wide variety of products for the home & garden and our happy, friendly and approachable staff team are always on hand to help.

We have recently had a large extension built on the Newby store which has more than doubled the shop floor space for JDS. This has allowed us to increase our product lines to suit the requirements of our beloved customers. The shops layout is very wide and open making it easy for customers to find items they require and navigate themselves throughout the shop.