Terry Petch 50 Years Service

Proudfoot Employee Celebrates Two Milestones

A member of staff at Scarborough-based grocery retailer the Proudfoot Group is celebrating two major milestones.
On the 14th March, employee Terry Petch will celebrate not only his 70th birthday but 50 years of working at independent supermarket chain the Proudfoot Group.
When Terry was first hired by G.W. Proudfoot, or ‘Wilf’, in 1966, his first project was to modify a Ford Zodiac, complete with loud speakers on the roof, and consequently chauffeur Wilf around Cleveland for three weeks as part of his general election campaign. Unfortunately, Wilf lost the marginal seat and left parliament, so Terry was then employed as a joiner to work on the original Newby supermarket where, he still works today. He now assumes a myriad of roles at the Company, including Store Manager, Non-Food Buyer and Project Manager, and still provides technical advice for the maintenance of the company.
Terry remarked that his diverse range of responsibilities within the company makes it very interesting to work there: ”I never imagined that I would still be here after 50 years, but it’s an interesting job that involves several changes of scenery every day! Working as a manager at the Proudfoot Group allows a lot of freedom, particularly in terms of decision-making, which you wouldn’t get at one of the larger multiples.”
Terry says he will be celebrating his 70th birthday with a buffet and “a drink or three” at the Blacksmith Arms Cloughton with around 50 of his closest family and friends. He added: “Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional. If I were ever to grow up life would be very dull!”
In addition to his everyday responsibilities and birthday celebrations, Terry is also joint project manager of the new Proudfoot Manham Hill store which is due to open in May.