£250 MADL Donation To Scalby Toilet Trust

£250 MADL Donation To Scalby Toilet Trust

Proudfoot supermarkets are helping to fund local public facilities this month with a £250 donation to Scalby Toilets Trust.

The family-run supermarket group donated the funds through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity, which raises funds from the sale of Heritage own label products and branded items featured on the Proudfoot promotional leaflet.

Scalby Toilets Trust, run by voluntary organization the Sweet Pea Committee, won the battle to reopen Scalby’s public loos in 2007 after they were closed by Scarborough Council as a cost-cutting measure in 2005. The facilities, which benefit both tourists and the local community, are now maintained by the Committee and funded solely by an honesty box and donations from individuals and local businesses.

Kate Newton on behalf of the Sweet Pea Committee, commented: “We are most grateful for such a considerable donation from the Proudfoot Group. We desperately need funding as it costs us £10 each day to keep the toilets open and over the last year or so we have had to make repairs, and as the facilities are in a conservation area remediation tends to be expensive.

“The donation from Proudfoot was therefore very welcome in helping us to maintain this valuable service to the community and will be used towards upgrading the gents’ toilets, which we hope to do this summer.”

The Sweet Pea Committee are looking for new volunteers to join their friendly, sociable group in keeping the initiative going and doing something good for the community.

For more information please contact Kaet Newton on 01723 371350.