MADL Donation To Residents And Friends Of Trafalgar Square

£250 MADL Donation To Residents And Friends Of Trafalgar Square

Proudfoot supermarkets are supporting Residents and Friends of Trafalgar Square this month with a donation of £250.

The donation, made through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity, will be used towards new plants for the area and for the group’s annual Christmas tree to be enjoyed by the local community.

Residents and Friends of Trafalgar Square (RAFTS) is a volunteer-run group which was formed in 2005 to revive the Trafalgar Square area of Scarborough, bring the community together and make the area and surroundings a better place to live and visit.

Head gardeners Shirley Carey and Margaret Thompson on behalf of RAFTS commented, “We are very grateful for the donation; we are planning on buying perennial plants so we can have more colour this time of year, and also replacing old bushes. We would also like to save part of the money for our Christmas tree, as our group pay for one every year.

“This donation will hopefully bring more colour to the gardens for all to see and enjoy, in turn making us feel happy that our work is appreciated.”

Since the formation of Nisa’s charity, Making a Difference Locally in 2008, Proudfoot have donated around £40,000 to over 100 local causes through the charity, ranging from local schools, sports clubs and community groups to charities, hospices and churches.

To help support causes in your area look for Heritage own label products or branded products highlighted with the MADL logo in Proudfoot stores.