Borough Bowling Club MADL Donation

£250 MADL Donation To Borough Bowling Club

Proudfoot helps to provide life-saving service for the community

Scarborough-based retailer The Proudfoot Group is helping to fund a new piece of life-saving equipment for the local community this month. Proudfoot is donating £250 to Borough Bowling Club in Scarborough through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity to help the club complete the installation of their new defibrillator, which will subsequently be available for use by the club’s members and the general public in an emergency.

Making a Difference Locally (MADL) raises funds in stores that are members of the Nisa Retail family via customers purchasing items from Nisa’s Heritage own-label range and selected branded products, highlighted with the MADL logo in store, which carry charitable donations from the suppliers. A percentage of this money then goes into a fund for the store to donate to a local charity or good cause within a 10 mile radius, to ensure money raised by the community stays within the community.

Mick Gates, Secretary of Borough Bowling Club commented: “The donation from Proudfoot through Making a Difference Locally will be used to complete the cost of fitting, and electrical installation of the cabinet used to house the new defibrillator. This in turn will then be available to our members and the general public in an emergency.

“Making a Difference Locally has helped us to provide a vital piece of medical equipment for use by all in the local community.”

Earlier this year The Proudfoot Group were acknowledged with the Nisa award for ‘Outstanding contribution to the local community’, for their continued exceptional dedication to local causes. 

Since the formation of Nisa’s charity, Making a Difference Locally in 2008, Proudfoot have donated a huge total of £35,800 to around 100 local causes through the charity, ranging from local schools, sports clubs and community groups to charities, hospices and churches.