MADL Scarborough Swimming Club

MADL Scarborough Swimming Club

The Proudfoot Group has donated £600 to Scarborough Swimming Club which will use the funds to replace the sound system which recently stopped working.

The club holds many galas throughout the year at the indoor pool as well as outside at Wykeham Lakes and a powerful sound system is needed to make announcements on these occasions when crowd noise can be very loud.

The Proudfoot Group raised the £600 through the Making A Difference Locally (MADL) charity through its membership of Nisa. MADL is an independent registered charity created in 2008 by Nisa with the intention of assisting more than 2,000 independent retailers throughout the UK raise money for their local communities. The charity enables retailers to raise money through the sale of participating products promoted in store where a specified amount of the cost of the product is allocated to a fund. Retailers are then able to withdraw at any time and donate to local charities and good causes that they feel would benefit from a donation, in this case Scarborough Swimming Club.

Scarborough Swimming Club has been in existence for over 100 years providing facilities to teach and train young swimmers in Scarborough aged from four up to adults. The club has over 275 members and staff volunteer to help train the youngsters at Scarborough Indoor Pool located on Ryndale Crescent.

Valerie Aston, of the Proudfoot Group commented, “Scarborough Swimming Club has been a part of the local community for many years and we are delighted to be able to support such a cherished local cause with this donation which teaches many youngsters how to swim.”

Chris Rhodes, treasurer of the club, said: “On behalf of the swimming club I would like to thank Proudfoots for their kind donation to our club. As treasurer I was a little concerned when our sound system broke down because a replacement was not budgeted for on our expense projections but this very kind donation came just at the right time and we are extremely grateful that we were chosen to receive this. It’s great to see a local store supporting local children through the Making A Difference Locally scheme.”