The Proudfoot Group MADL


The Proudfoot Group has donated £500 to the Friends of Seamer Village, who actively maintain the public areas of the village, for all to enjoy.


The donation will be used to purchase gardening tools, planters, plants and general equipment to help maintain the public areas of the village. As well as this they are planning to provide a completely new floral display for all residents and visitors to enjoy. 

Valerie Aston of The Proudfoot Group added, "The Proudfoot Group prides itself on been able to help the local communities throughout Scarborough, we look forward to seeing the difference made by this donation and the joy it will bring to the residents and visitors of Seamer". 

We would also like to encourage more charities and good causes to apply for a Making a Difference Locally Donation. This can be done simply by filling out the form provide online or visiting us at your nearest Proudfoot supermarket.