The Proudfoot Group


The Proudfoot Group has donated £500 to Beyond the Tea Dance, a new provision introduced by Scarborough Theatre Trust Ltd at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

Beyond the Tea Dance is new to the theatre and is specifically aimed at more senior members of the community, offering regular opportunities to beat social isolation meet new friends and learn new skills.

Beyond the Tea Dance offers participants the opportunity to take part in workshops in movement, poetry, play reading and arts & crafts.

Valerie Aston of The Proudfoot Group, said: "Beyond the Tea Dance is an excellent service catering for those people in the community that perhaps do not engage as much in social activities and gives them something to look forward to each month. The Proudfoot Group is delighted to be able to contribute to this good cause through the MADL Charity."

Denise Gilfoyle, head of Outreach and manager of Beyond the Tea Dance, said: "The Stephen Joseph Theatre wishes to inspire people to have a go at activities that they might not have had a chance to try before, to meet new friends and to get involved in the theatre in an active way and not just as an audience member. We are hugely grateful for the support and interested offer by the Proudfoot Group."