Proudfoot supermarkets Make a Difference for Scarborough Ladies FC together with Mars Galaxy Ripple

Making a Difference for Scarborough Ladies FC

Mars Galaxy Ripple and Proudfoot’s Making A Difference Locally Charity recently collaborated to be stronger together, to help fund donations to support young adults and their wellbeing to help them thrive.

One of Scarborough’s football clubs, Scarborough Ladies FC, have received a charitable donation of £1,000 from Proudfoot supermarkets, through this collaboration, to help fund ongoing costs.

Owen Willis, said on behalf of Scarborough Ladies FC:

“Scarborough Ladies are the area’s largest female only football club, and have grown exponentially over recent years. We offer sporting and fitness opportunity to almost 200 girls from across the region ranging from 5 to 18 years old.

Our oldest girls are all now playing 11 a side football and, having outgrown the number of available pitches at our Sherburn home, it has become necessary to source alternative facilities around Scarborough.

Over the next 2 seasons, we expect the cost of these facilities to be almost £1,200 per team more than our originally budgeted expenditure.

Your generous donation will enable the Club to continue offering quality, safe and accessible sporting opportunity for our 16-18 year olds and allow our players to continue their development”

Valerie Aston, director at the Proudfoot Group, added: “We are delighted to be able to use our Making a Difference Locally funds to support good causes in our area local area. Working with Mars Galaxy Ripple, these additional funds were made available to continue valued support of grass roots clubs such as Scarborough Ladies FC, to continue the work they do to promote and train young women in the sport of football.

“We would like to thank Mars Galaxy Ripple for their offer of additional funding and our customers for their continued support, through the in-store collecting tins and purchases of Co-op products in our stores; as without their support these community donations would not be possible.”