Proudfoot Honoured With Community Award

Proudfoot Honoured With Community Award

Scarborough retailer The Proudfoot Group has been acknowledged with an industry award this week marking their outstanding community efforts over the last year.

Each year at its annual two-day exhibition and gala dinner, convenience retail specialist (and Proudfoot supplier) Nisa celebrates a number of its retailers and suppliers who have demonstrated excellence and outstanding achievement over the last 12 months. This year’s Nisa Expo was held virtually for the first time in the symbol group’s history, and to mark the end of the event’s first day guests went online to attend an awards ceremony hosted by journalist, presenter and comedian Alex Brooker.

The event saw three Making a Difference Locally awards dedicated to retailers who have made a significant difference to their local community through the charity. The Proudfoot Group, who operate four supermarkets in the Scarborough area, was awarded MADL Charity Champion (over 3,000 sq. ft.) for their local efforts and given £2,500 to donate to local causes through their Making a Difference Locally funds.

Their award announcement said: “The Proudfoot Group is a long-established community retailer that provides extensive support to good causes in the Scarborough area.

“The group is a true advocate for supporting small and local charities and has donated over £60,000 to date through Making a Difference Locally, which is well promoted in its four stores and on social media. A MADL coin spinner and collecting tins raise additional funds for local causes, as well as the 5p carrier bag charge, which has raised a further £50,000 for local causes. Proudfoot has established a reputation locally for its community efforts and support has even been extended to helping out with events such as the Humber Bridge Half Marathon last year.”

Valerie Aston, director at the Proudfoot Group said of the award: “We are thrilled and honoured to have been nominated to receive this award as we’re dedicated to not only providing a positive shopping experience for the local community, but also giving back to it in any way we can.

“Proudfoot have been supporting local causes through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity since its formation and getting involved in other community initiatives wherever possible, but this year, supporting key work throughout the lockdown period was really important to us and we were proactive in contacting our local NHS Trust and foodbanks especially, to help the most vulnerable in the local area.”

To support the work of Making a Difference Locally and help good causes in your area, simply purchase any Co-op or Heritage own brand products in Proudfoot supermarkets or look out for Making a Difference Locally collecting tins in-store.