Proudfoot Donation To Basics Plus @ Betton Farm

Proudfoot Customers Support Basic Plus @ Betton Farm

Proudfoot customers support local Basic Plus @ Betton Farm Scarborough with Carrier Bag Fund Donation.

Basic Plus @ Betton Farm have given thanks to the staff and customers of The Proudfoot Group for their generous donation of £2,500 which will go towards their work at their farm at East Ayton.

Basics Plus @ Betton Farm offers a variety of services which support people with learning disabilities giving them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and be proud of their efforts and achievements.

The funds were raised in Proudfoot stores, solely from the sale of 5p carrier bags to customers. Proudfoot supermarkets have been raising money for local causes in this way since the introduction of the mandatory 5p carrier bag charge, and have already donated over £32,500 from the funds raised to charities in the area.

Director of Basics Plus @ Betton Farm Avis Turner MBE saidA thank you seems too small for the very kind donation of £2500.00. As a small local Charity it is great to receive such a large donation. We will ensure that it is put to good use. The beauty of our organisation is that the wider community will also benefit.”

Valerie Aston, director at The Proudfoot Group, added: “Despite seeing a huge decline in the usage of single use carrier bags in our stores following the introduction of the 5p charge, we are delighted that the funds raised from the remaining carrier bags bought by our customers are able to support some fantastic local causes.”