MADL Ellies Fund

Local retail group the Proudfoot Group has donated £250 to Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust which supports children and young people across Yorkshire and Humberside who have a brain tumour and are going through treatment, as well as donating to the brain tumour research laboratory based in Leeds and raising brain tumour awareness.

The donation was used towards the cost of food for its family barbecue and music evening to raise vital funds to carry on supporting these children and the research that the lab undertakes, which took place at the end of September.

The Proudfoot Group raised the £250 through the Making A Difference Locally (MADL) charity through its membership of Nisa. MADL is an independent registered charity created in 2008 with the intention of assisting more than 2,000 independent retailers throughout the UK raise money for their local communities. The charity enables retailers to raise money through the sale of participating products promoted in store where a specified amount of the cost of the product is allocated to a fund. Retailers are then able to withdraw at any time and donate to local charities and good causes that they feel would benefit from a donation. The Proudfoot Group has donated £5,400 so far this year and continues to make a difference to local causes across the Scarborough region.

Ellie’s Fund BTT was established after the death of 14 year old Scarborough girl Ellie, from a brain tumour in 2010. Since then the charity has raised over £75,000 and supported 24 children with brain tumours as well as contributing £21,500 to the research laboratory and more than £2,000 to the children’s neurosurgical ward at Leeds General Infirmary.
Valerie Aston, of the Proudfoot Group commented, “Ellie’s Fund is such an amazing charity and we are extremely happy to be able to donate to the cause and assist them with the cost of holding fundraising events.”

Heather Othick, Ellie’s mum and founder and chief executive of Ellie’s Fund BTT said, “Ellie’s Fund – Brain Tumour Trust applied for a MADL donation of £100 to go towards the cost of the food for our recent barbecue event. To be chosen to receive £250 was a very welcome surprise! It is lovely that Proudfoots has so many local ties and is able to support our small local charity. We are very grateful for the donation and the money will be used towards a grant for a child in Yorkshire or Humberside who has a brain tumour or towards the work of the brain tumour research laboratory in Leeds.”