MADL Donation To Boys Brigade 2nd Scarborough Company

£250 Donation To Boys Brigade 2nd Scarborough Company

Proudfoot have donated £250 to Boys Brigade 2nd Scarborough Company to help provide engaging activities.

The family-run supermarket group supported the local charity with a donation of £250 through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity, which raises funds from the sale of Heritage own label products and branded items featured on the Proudfoot promotional leaflet, in addition to funds raised via the four supermarkets’ in-store collecting tins.

Company Captain Chris Bairstow commented “We intend to use the donation to purchase craft and cooking materials for use by all of our age groups, particularly in the run up to Christmas when there are so many things they can make, but which have previously been out of our price range.

We run age groups for Anchor Boys (5-8), Junior Section (8-11), Company Section (11-15) and Seniors (15-18). The members pay £1 per session and so any additional expenditure is raised through regular fundraising events such as jumble sales, coffee mornings etc. The receipt of the donation from Proudfoot will make a huge difference to what we can provide for our Boys.

The Boys were thrilled that our youngest members received the donation on their behalf, as most things are presented to the older age groups – one 6 year old told Valerie he wanted me to buy X-box games with the money!!!

Valerie Aston, director at the Proudfoot Group, added: “We are delighted to be able to use our Making a Difference Locally funds to support Boys Brigade  and hope they have a wonderful time at their groups in the run up to Christmas.”

“We would like to thank our customers for their continued support, through the in-store collecting tins and purchases of selected products in our stores; as without their support these community donations would not be possible.”