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Secret Sausage Recipe

Secret Sausage Recipe

The Proudfoot Group is thrilled to announce the return of a secret sausage recipe that dates back 139 years in Scarborough and is being prepped for a glorious return.

Greenlays pork sausages have been a favourite ever since Greenlays butchers created them in 1876 – with the recipe remaining a secret ever since. When the Bar Street butchers closed, the secret recipe was bought at auction by local restaurateur John Senior.

Until recently the sausages where produced and sold under license by Gibson’s Butchers on Ramshill, however the shock closure of Gibson’s in March meant an end to supplies. Mr Senior has now got together with our very own award-winning master butcher Keith Wilson at the Newby store branch, and after many hours of weighing, mincing and mixing the pair has announced that the sausage is ready yet again for production. The sausage will be sold at the Newby store.

Why not come down and grab a few of the legendary sausages…… they speak for themselves.