Seamer Store Manager: Vicki Wilson

Seamer Store Manager

  • Started: 16th July 1978
  • Years Of Service: 39

Quotation From Vicki

Seamer store supports their customers through the pleasant and helpful way that our staff treat and greets our cherished customers. When needed, a helping hand is given to customers who are struggling with their shopping and, when it is needed, the shopping is done for hem by a member of staff. If there is a request or suggestion from a customer that cannot be answered in store, then the staff make every effort to find an answer promptly and efficiently from head office. If you ask for a product we do not stock, then we try and trace the product at one of our other stores and find out if we are able to get the product in stock ourselves.

Seamer store is indeed an integral part of the community. This store provides for the young and the not so young alike. It is a place where customers enjoy doing their shopping, as they meet up with others and chat.